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Buy and Sell Diamonds Online

Trade securely without middlemen

Get more when you sell a diamond on PeerDiamonds

Get more when you sell

Pay less when you buy a diamond on PeerDiamonds

Pay less when you buy

The PeerDiamonds marketplace directly connects diamond buyers and diamond sellers

Our users profit from cutting out the middlemen. As a result, you pay less when you buy a diamond and you receive a bigger payout when you sell a diamond.

Engagement Rings for Sale

Choose a Diamond; Choose a Setting; We take care of the rest

Choose from a curated selection of engagement settings to combine with any diamond

We offer our customers a range of beautiful engagement ring settings - all perfectly crafted in the USA - to combine with the loose diamonds from the PeerDiamonds marketplace.
Our diamond ring experts will set any diamond bought on the PeerDiamonds marketplace into any of our engagement ring settings free of charge.

Buy GIA certified diamonds without risk

Each diamond is verified by GIA

Independently Verified

Sellers must send each diamond to GIA for independent verifi­cation.
After the verification, only PeerDiamonds and the buyer have access to the diamond.

Free Returns

15 day free returns

If for whatever reason you change your mind or don't absolutely love your diamond, you can simply return it to us. All returns are free of charge.

Money is held in escrow

Your money is safe

After every purchase, all money is held in escrow. The seller only receives it once the buyer has received the diamond and is happy with it.

Loose Diamonds for Sale

Choose from the best

Above all other things, we take pride in the uncompromisable quality of each diamond offered on our marketplace.
To be eligible for sale, a loose diamond must meet the strictest quality criteria. Apart from having a GIA certificate, all diamonds must have a cut grading of 'Good' or above as attested by the GIA in order to be eligible for sale.
Also, each diamond must have GIA certified polish and symmetry ratings of 'Excellent' or 'Very Good'.
This emphasis on quality and the commitment to only allowing the best diamonds to be sold helps make PeerDiamonds the best place to buy diamonds and jewelry online.

What's more, for diamonds of the same specifications, the prices on the PeerDiamonds marketplace are on average 10% below those of any online diamond retailer and 40% below those of an average brick and mortar jeweler.

Loose Diamond

Sell Jewelry Online

The highest payouts and no hassle

The PeerDiamonds marketplace offers the best option for selling your GIA certified diamonds and diamond jewelry. By selling your diamond jewelry on our marketplace, you can expect to receive the highest possible payouts through a process that combines simplicity with complete transparency. With our proprietary diamond calculator, it is possible to answer the question “How much is my jewelry worth?” in mere seconds.